Annual Report 2021

Message from the Chair of the Board, Tom Weisgerber

2021 was still a challenging year

COVID shaped the airport industry, and everyone needed to deal with related and changing measures. Passenger traffic increased 41 percent compared to 2020 but stayed clearly below pre-pandemic levels. However, the COVID challenges remained for lux-Airport even outside the aviation sector since we started with the first milestone of the airport city, the new Skypark South building, and the renovation of the only runway of Luxembourg airport.

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"We will continue to rise to the challenge providing everyone flying from Luxembourg with a quality-driven journey."

Tom Weisgerber

"The teams at lux-Airport managed the challenges, were creative, and made things possible."

Message from the CEO, Alexander Flassak

Staying grounded and be prepared

The past year was marked by the need to keep the strength for daily challenges and simultaneously have the power and creativity to prepare for the future. Passenger figures increased to 50 percent of pre-pandemic levels and continue as well in 2022 to rise since everyone craves the inspiring experience of traveling. Staying grounded and managing the every-day COVID-life at an airport marked 2021 while looking into the future by organizing and planning everything for the first part of the airport city, our Skypark South. 

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Our Year

2021 in Numbers

Increase in Passenger numbers
41 %
Total Movements
Scheduled Passenger Airlines
Nonstop Flight Destinations*
Tonnes Cargo (MIO)
Electrical vehicles
30 %
skypark business center: Flexible office space on 6 floors (SQM)
skypark business center: wood used for construction (cbm)
Passenger Numbers

In 2019, the last year before the pandemic, Luxembourg Airport recorded around 4.4 million passengers. After almost two years of the pandemic, Luxembourg Airport closes 2021 with a passenger volume of 2.01 million travelers, just under half the pre-crisis level. A value which was last reached in 2013.

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Cargo Development

The challenges of global logistics chains combined with the low supply of belly capacity on long-haul passenger flights, also led to an increased demand of full freighter flights in 2021. This resulted in a 19% increase in goods handled at Luxembourg Airport in 2021 compared to 2020, reaching 1.103 million tonnes. This was the first time in its history that Luxembourg Airport reached a volume of over one million tonnes of cargo handled.

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In focus

LUX Stories

A Foundation for the Future
Once finished, the Skypark Business Center will provide smart office space for a changing work environment. In 2021, the foundation has been laid — both literally and figuratively.
In brief

News from
the Departments

Real Estate
Winner at Steel Construction Competition
For sure you recognize the new headquarters of our home carrier Cargolux Airlines. The real estate built by lux-Airport is already today a landmark combining beauty and functionality — and awarded as “Winner” at the 22nd edition of the “Steel Construction Competition (LU)” where 18 projects participated and 4 projects were nominated by the jury. Thanks to AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH and SCHEMEL-WIRTZ ARCHITECTES ASSOCIES for the great and award-winning design.
Real Estate
New Police Academy
We are proud to present the new police academy of Luxembourg. It was built by lux-Airport and inaugurated in the presence of Henri Kox, Minister of Internal Security, as well as the general director of the Luxembourg Police, Philippe Schrantz, on April 26. From now on, 200 police officers will be trained here per year.
100% Disinfection
In 2021, we also increased our efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. One of the measures implemented was aimed at introducing 100% disinfection of the digging trays at the PIFs (filter points) by applying an innovative product that is highly effective against bacteria and viruses to various coatings. The solution was also extended to the handles of the baggage carts. Regular sampling with laboratory analysis confirms the announced effectiveness of this product. The airport could also expand its COVID Test Center. This already offered rapid antigen testing and was able to expand its services to include 12-hour PCR testing.
Maintaining Jobs in Times of Crisis
In 2021, it was of utmost importance to continue human resources management during the pandemic. We continued our efforts to restructure the teams to adapt the way they worked to the measures put in place. In terms of human resources management, the focus has always been on maintaining jobs in times of crisis, and the airport has averaged 338 employees in 2021. In parallel, lux-Airport has hired some specific profiles for real estate development needed for operational activities.
Great Commitment in the Non-Aviation Sector
Our summer travelers received tips for traveling during the pandemic and used waiting times to play “Jolly Trolley”, an online game to win prizes provided by the airport‘s stores and restaurants. This type of entertainment in the terminal has played an important role in reducing the stress of travelers waiting for their flights, as was the case at Easter, for example, when an Easter Bunny mascot handed out candy to passengers.
“Wëllkomm Summer”
In 2021, businesses at the airport remained open with some closures, especially in the hotel and restaurant sector, at the beginning of the year due to the government‘s measures to combat COVID. These circumstances also prompted the gastronomes located at the airport to show their creativity. During the summer promotion “Wëllkomm summer”, a Karavan kiosk was set up in the parking lot in front of the terminal.
A Matter of Satisfaction
In 2021, the airport also introduced a customer satisfaction survey system, the aim of which is to identify areas for improvement and thus increase customer satisfaction at Luxembourg Airport. The first conclusions have been implemented and have already supported the improvement of the travel experience.
New Clip for Pre-Booking of Parking Space
Parking at Luxembourg airport has been available for more than two years through pre-booking at Since then, the booking rates have increased significantly, and travelers enjoy the comfort and ease of reserving their parking space. lux-Airport produced a video clip to explain the booking process and its convenience. The clip was published on YouTube and social media channels.
Public Relations
Celebrating 50 Years of MSF
MSF, Médicins sans Frontières, also known as Doctors without Borders, celebrated this year their 50th anniversary. You may not have noticed, but many of their missions start from Luxembourg airport. lux-Airport is proud to make MSF missions from Luxembourg possible as a reliable travel platform with many destinations in Europe and as a feeder to long-haul flights to all crisis areas worldwide. We filmed a clip at Luxembourg airport to celebrate their anniversary and went public. Furthermore, we supported MSF with a donation at the end of the year.
Public Relations
Support for Culture
In February, filming of the movie “La valise Rouge” by Cynefilms took place in our terminal with 100% of the story set at the airport. The film tells the story of a 16-year-old veiled girl who is to be forcibly married off. However, she has other plans and gathers all her courage to decide on her own life. We look forward to seeing our airport.
Who we Are
Our security agents are one of the first contact points for the passengers. The job is diverse and requires a high responsibility. The clip about the security agents is one of an entire series continuing in 2022. The goal is to give the brand lux-Airport individual “faces”.
Art at lux-Airport
lux-Airport supports local artists, and we were delighted to present the art of Carmenly. It was the second exhibition in our series “art at lux-Airport” and the visitors could enjoy the beautiful paintings either at the Business Aviation Center of Luxembourg airport or online. The approach of Carmenly focuses on the representation of women in modern society.
Alone but Together
COVID measures still marked 2021; people were separated during working hours and had plenty of virtual meetings. Although it was not possible to celebrate Christmas together, we found a way to create a video expressing our salutes and warm wishes to our passengers, partners, and co-workers. We filmed each participant separately in front of a green wall, interacting virtually with a colleague. The result was a great video, where people had fun and could enjoy a moment of comfort and belonging together.
Baggage Handling System Completed
Phase 1 of the new Baggage Handling System (BHS) was completed in 2020. The second phase of the project began in 2021 and was finished on schedule before the summer season. With the finalization of this project, Luxembourg airport is using the highest standards for checked baggage screening and explosives detection. As part of the runway rehabilitation in 2021, a new secured access E121 was put into operation, which is the secured main access to the construction site for the rehabilitation of our runway.
Less Waste
We want to ensure sustainable development and reduce the environmental impact of our activities. This includes improving our waste management. For example, regarding our “Zero Butt” project, the balance for 2020 to 2021 is 318.57 kg of cigarette butts collected, which is equivalent to 1,274,320 cigarette butts and 637,160 m3 of unpolluted water, equivalent to 250 Olympic swimming pools.
Reaching a New Level
After reaching Level 1 in 2019 and Level 2 in 2020, during 2021 we worked on the fulfillment of new reduction objectives and on reaching Level 3 and 3+ at the beginning of 2022. For Level 3, input by third parties is required through a stakeholder engagement plan. The calculation of the total carbon footprint of the airport is also to be carried out. Level 3+ requires the neutralization of all remaining direct carbon emissions by offsetting. While the largest part of lux-Airport‘s own carbon footprint is due to building heating (gas or heating oil), that of the broader airport is due to the use of aircraft engines to go to the stand (kerosene).
Green Electricity
Since July 2014, lux-Airport has only been supplied with green electricity, via Enovos. The renewable energy certificates are issued by the Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR) and also validated by the European Energy Certification System (EECS). Our electricity comes mainly from hydraulic energy. Hydraulic (mechanical) energy is converted into electrical energy in hydroelectric power plants. These power plants use the force of the movement of water from several lakes and streams.
Accelerating NET ZERO
In their landmark Resolution adopted in June 2019, airports committed to “Net Zero”, absolute carbon neutrality, from operations within their own control by 2050 at the latest. lux-Airport, among 91 other airports, have also set themselves the goal of achieving “Net Zero” already by 2030 — through reducing the carbon footprint by 25% until 2025 using optimization measures and renewable energies. Our approach to each of the four pillars of our carbon footprint — heating, cooling, electricity and vehicle fuels — is to develop and evaluate potential measures, including technical feasibility testing and establishing a timeline and cost estimate.
ISO 14 001 Certification
ISO 14001 is an international standard, dedicated to environment, which has existed since 1996. Having an Environmental Management System is part of a process of continuous improvement. In November 2021, after an external audit, our organization was found to meet the requirements of ISO 14001 and we were granted certification for 3 years. But this does not mean that we will rest on our laurels. First, because we will be audited every year. And because certification is not an end in itself. Indeed, from now on, we must continue our actions to seek continuous improvement, i.e. to reduce our impact on the environment.
Smart Lights
Approximately 5,500 lights and 1,500 emergency lights were replaced with new LED lighting, offering a better quality of lighting with a longer life span. These LED lights are “smart” because they are coupled with presence detectors, which allow the lights to dim the light in areas without users and turn it up to its maximum instantly. Thanks to this work, we have been able to save more than 750,000 kWh since the installation of the new lighting, which is equivalent to a 30% reduction in the overall electricity bill of the parking lot.
Bees Continue to Fly at the Airport
Since 2019, in cooperation with the ANA, lux-Airport has set up four beehives located
at the foot of the antenna. This collaboration harvested 88 kg of honey in 2019, and 120 kg
in 2020. 2021 was a less fruitful year, with a single harvest of 30 kg in summer due to unfavorable weather conditions: a winter not cold but very long and a not very hot and very watery spring which resulted in not producing many flowers.
Collection of De-Icing Water
The de-icing water recuperation project was launched in 2021 in order to reduce the contamination of waste water during winter while the new waste water treatment plant is being completed. The principle is to recover de-icing fluid and water directly on stand, after aircraft has taken off, by using a sweeper. This year, the management of the Ubersyren waste water treatment plant recorded a huge decrease in waste water contamination, i.e. the quality of water treatment has improved.
Saving Water
In order to reduce the drinking water consumption of terminals, we have implemented dry urinals throughout the terminals in year 2021. These new urinals work without flushing system and electricity, are carbon-neutral, 100 percent recyclable, and use only microbiological cleaning products. The installed equipment saves an estimated 7 million liters per year, the equivalent of two Olympic swimming pools.
Awarded for Commitment
Our “Sustainability Report — Issue 01” demonstrates how much value we place on the environment — not least through its sustainable print production and design quality that has won the following awards in international competitions: Winner of the German Brand Award 2021, Gold Award of the International Creative Media Award 2021, the Indigo Design Award 2022 Silver and Special Mention of the German Design Award 2022.
Premiere Landing
Welcome to the first crew who landed an Airbus A350 in Luxembourg. The A350-941 [A7-ALH] was operated by Qatar Airways and used as a preighter — a passenger aircraft used for carrying cargo.
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Collection of de-icing water

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Learn more about our sweeper

Smart light

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Saving 77% energy in the lux-Airport car park

Parking at Luxembourg Airport

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In this video, we show you how to book a parking space online and how to use your ticket on-site.

Celebrating 50 years of MSF

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Departure from Luxembourg to Haiti for a new mission

Art at lux-Airport

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Lux-Airport supports local artists, and we were delighted to present the art of Carmenly.

“Wëllkomm summer”

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5 things to know when your journey starts at lux-Airport 2021


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Season‘s greetings 2021 from lux-Airport
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